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When purchasing a new or used sedan, there are many excellent brands and styles of vehicle to choose from. Each automobile manufacturer offers unique options and features. In addition, those options are packaged differently across different sedans making your choices more numerous and the decision process more difficult.

Each year manufacturers re-design their sedans, so if you’re considering a used vehicle, the choices are even greater. There are several important factors to consider before shopping for your next sedan. Decide what are the most important features for you and your family before you begin your search for your new sedan. Make a list of features and mark each with "must have", "desirable", and "not necessary".

Most sedans will offer great base features that may cover 80-90% of your “must haves”. As you shop, you will see that some sedans focus on power, feel, and a sporty drive, while others have more luxurious features that emphasize interior and comfort. There are also the hybrids and electric cars which focus on gas efficiency for the commuter. Price, performance, safety, handling, response, and technology packages are also some of the other factors you may want to consider as you shop.

Because of the sheer number of choices available, it is a good idea to know your priorities before you start the sedan shopping process.Then, head over to the Olympia Auto Mall with that shopping list in hand and visit our 9 Dealers and 8 Brands, all in one convenient location.

We’re here to make your buying experience enjoyable. Start your search for sedans at the Olympia Auto Mall. Proudly serving Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, and surrounding areas!

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